Aston Cloud Service

The Aston Cloud Service is a cost-effective, reliable platform offering high performance, flexible options and high availablity. Utilising the latest technologies, ISA offers servers running on the University's private cloud spanning on-site data centres and optionally the University's off-site data centre in Derby

What can the service be used for?

Cloud Services can be used for running most server software, such as web applications, database servers and server-based applications.

Examples of University systems running on the service include core University systems such as Blackboard, Agresso, SITS/MAP, Exchange, many department/school systems and servers used for software development and testing. The only type of services we don't cater for are services that duplicate existing core services orcontravene acceptable use policies.

Cloud Server Options

We provide pre-configured servers available with one of the following server operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • CentOS 5.5 Server x64
  • Ubuntu 10.4 LTS Server x64

All servers can be made internally and/or externally available and by default are located on campus, replicated in real-time to both main University data centres. Off-site backups made daily to our Derby data centre and stored for up to 14 days (or to our Campus backups for older cloud VMs where Networker Backups have been purchased).

Additionally we can offer the ability to run services from our Derby data centre or the ability to replicate services to Derby for extremely fast recovery in the event of a major disaster.


Service Options

We can deliver the service in a flexible manner that matches your needs - whether you need guidance and assistance from us to provide a cloud server to match a new software purchase, or if you just want a server you have total control over, we have an option that meets your needs:

  • Project-based service. We can assist from the beginning of your new system project and provide technical assistance, supplier liaison, expert knowledge and ongoing operational support for your new system and associated server.
  • Fully managed service. If you already know what you want, but need us to implement and manage it for you.
  • Self-managed service. We can provide you full remote access to the server including power, console and root/Administrator access, with server support should you need it.

All cloud services are provided with a self-service management console providing information about your servers in a single view, including billing information, performance levels and server management.



The costs for a standard server, with 1GB RAM and 1 vCPU is £180 per year or £540 for three years.

Each additional GB of RAM is £50 per year and each vCPU is £70 per year. The table below shows the pricing based on vCPU and RAM allocation:

  1GB 2GB 3GB 4GB 5GB 6GB 7GB 8GB
1 vCPU £180/yr £230/yr £280/yr £330/yr £380/yr £380/yr £480/yr £530/yr
2 vCPU £250/yr £300/yr £250/yr £400/yr £450/yr £500/yr £550/yr £600/yr
3 vCPU £320/yr £370/yr £420/yr £470/yr £520/yr £570/yr £620/yr £670/yr
4 vCPU £390/yr £440/yr £490/yr £540/yr £590/yr £640/yr £690/yr


Charging is up-front and can be monthly, yearly or for periods up to 5 years. Typically departments buy 3 years of service in advance.



We offer a number of options for ordering. If you require additional assistance such as for new projects or our fully managed service, please contact the ISA Server Team or Trevor Bayliss in Information Systems Aston and we can talk through the options available.


If you are interested in our self-managed service, login to our self-service portal using your normal University username and password using the login box above, and choose Request New Service to get started.


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